Inflight Ordering Platform for British Airways

Client Feedback

Gareth Forbes


They feel like they’re part of our company.

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Webtonic provided skilled UX designers to complement the existing RMB design team, applying design thinking to design future-state client-centric experiences.

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Customer 360 Survey Platform

PG is the name for glass in Southern Africa. Established in Cape Town in 1897, the Group produces, distributes and installs automotive, building glass, aluminium and glass film solutions. The PG Group is a significant worldwide player and our operations comply with the highest international safety, quality and environmental standards.


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Cofndrs is a community and funding platform that drives continuous, customer-powered growth for CSR products. They are re-imagining the way people connect with brands by promoting collaboration and transforming customers into co-founders. Cofndrs is a customer-powered growth platform that combines financing, marketing, sales, and new product development to help large purpose-led businesses to grow.