Craig Williams
August 11, 20234 mins Read

Code, Connect, Conquer: Maximising Visibility in Hybrid or Remote Work Environments

The past few years have set the stage for hybrid and remote development projects, presenting opportunities that are often marred by disappointments and missed potential.  

Challenges such as communication, team cohesion, monitoring and accountability, cultural alignment, and the lack of spontaneous interaction are just the tip of the iceberg. These issues result in immense frustration and a lack of productive output, leading to missed business objectives. 

Webtonic has tackled this challenge head-on, alleviating frustration and increasing software development productivity. 

We have achieved this with visibility across three key dimensions: 

    1. Tracking progress towards objectives 
    2. Leveraging team capacity and utilisation insights 
    3. Assessing code quality metrics and coverage levels 

    By attaining clarity in this aspect, our clients gain the ability to make well-informed decisions that maximise their investments. A significant outcome of this decision-making process involves the potential to recalibrate priorities based on acquired insights. Given our approach of deploying features upon completion, clients can choose to proceed with planned features or pivot based on user feedback. 

    With a profound grasp of team utilisation and capacity dynamics, we advocate distributed workloads evenly across the software delivery team. This practice ensures consistent and foreseeable deliverables and eliminates code development in isolation, allowing for automatic peer reviews as different developers contribute to code with which they haven’t previously engaged. 

    Moreover, beyond understanding team capacity, utilisation, and goal progress, we can reasonably forecast our trajectory toward delivery milestones. Armed with this intelligence, we facilitate early decision-making as opposed to deferring it. 

    In cases where we are poised to deliver ahead of schedule, we have the flexibility to release early or incorporate additional value-enhancing features from our groomed backlog. Conversely, if we are not on track, we initiate necessary discussions to realign the release strategy. This might entail adjusting timelines, revisiting feature prioritisation, or allocating supplementary resources to the project. 

    A cornerstone of the Webtonic ethos is our commitment to code quality transparency. All projects where we bear full responsibility for code delivery undergo rigorous scrutiny via our static code analysis, benchmarked against our established standards or pre-agreed metrics. This assures our clients that their code is crafted in accordance with industry best practices and rigorously unit tested. 

    Our belief in transparency extends across all facets of our work, bolstering trust in our delivery capabilities. This transparency and our resolute commitment to robustly delivering functional software to end users solidify our dedication to client satisfaction. 

    Struggling to deliver quality software?

    Let Webtonic guide you through the journey of optimising project outcomes, maximising investments, and ensuring a transparent and efficient development process.
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