Candice Boucher
February 22, 20242 mins Read

Launching design sprints

Webtonic has over 20 years of experience in the field of User Experience Design and is equipped to help you design products and services that elicit great user experiences.

The format for our workshops is designed as half-day sessions so as not to impact your daily functions. First, we conduct market research to identify other players in the market who are delivering a similar product or service. Using this, we set the benchmark around trends and design standards.

We then move on to conducting customer research to understand their needs and how the product may solve some of their pain points. Next, we play back the research findings to the team and co-create ways in which to solve these problems and, ultimately, what the end solution may look like. The team will participate in creating sketches of features and functionality, and our expert designers will go off and mock these up into a prototype, which will be presented as the final delivery.

We will have data from users to understand the user cases and engage with the development team to uncover any technical challenges to ensure the solution is viable and feasible.

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Candice Boucher – Head of Design

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Candice Boucher