WooCommerce SmartFreight Connector

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The WooCommerce SmartFreight Connector provides the ability for a user to obtain a shipping cost quote when checking out of WooCommerce. The connector also allows the store owner to import the order into SmartFreight once the payment has been confirmed.

Features of connector

  • Customers obtain shipping cost quotes when checking out
  • Import of sales orders into SmartFreight
  • Saved Waybill number against sales order in WooCommerce


The customer will need an active WooCommerce store and test store setup.


The WooCommerce SmartFreight connector is dependent on the user entering valid address information in the shipping address fields.

An address validator plugin can help the user select a valid address before check-out.

(e.g. https://wordpress.org/plugins/address-validation-woocommerce/)

Minimum WooCommerce package required

WooCommerce  2.x or later (https://woocommerce.com/)

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