SmartFreight eCommerce Connectors

Our SmartFreight eCommerce connectors provide the ability for a user to obtain shipping cost quotes at check out.

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Your own freight rates with your chosen transport providers are loaded by our team to give you the choice you need when you need it. You are still in control of the commercial relationship with your transport providers, not a 3rd party that may have a vested interest promoting certain transport providers.

This allows you to have full control over the shipping options and rates you show in your customer’s cart.

With this sophisticated rate calculation engine you can easily set rules to show customised rates for specific geographic zones, shipping groups, or a range of dates and display special shipping options based on conditions you choose.

Our connectors offer versatility, transparency, accountability and efficiency for your eCommerce store.

Shipping Quotes

Customers obtain shipping cost quotes when checking out

Import Order

Import sales orders into SmartFreight

Save Waybill

Saved Waybill number against sales order

We offer SmartFreight Connectors for the following eCommerce platforms: